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Carpet Cleaning Sherman Oaks opened years ago to provide  quality carpet cleaning at affordable prices. Before this we worked for years in the industry learning every side of this important service business. We believe cleaning services should be affordable to everyone. We were right, happy Carpet Cleaning Sherman Oaks customers can’t be wrong. Try us because of our we deliver cleaning industry services at prices you can afford. You won’t go wrong.

Remember, our goal is delivering better carpet cleaning and related cleaning services in Sherman Oaks than our competition. Carpet Cleaning Sherman Oaks works harder to deliver better cleaning services. Our cleaning company has created environmentally friendly and more efficient cleaning over the years. So it’s win, win, for our customers and the environment. That’s our secret. Carpet Cleaning Sherman Oaks delivers great services including sofa cleaning, carpet cleaning, tile cleaning and air duct cleaning.


Carpet Cleaning Sherman Oaks is the expert you want for every cleaning solution you need. Every home has trouble spots that a cleaning professional’s skilled touch will make shine.  Customer service and experience set Carpet Cleaning Sherman Oaks technicians apart from other services.

We know the types of carpet fibers and materials that are available on the market today. Hiring a company that knows how to handle the different natural and man-made fibers on the market today means you are going to get better service over the years. There is a large difference between antique Orientals and modern fibers. Carpet Cleaning Sherman Oaks knows giving you the best cleaning service revolves around using the best technicians available in the industry and the best technique.

Purchasing furniture is expensive. You want to extend the lifetime of your furniture for years. Keeping it clean and well-kept will do that. Modern lifestyles don’t allow much time to  take great care of our furniture, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to. Carpet Cleaning Sherman Oaks is the solution to taking care of your cleaning and maintenance needs.

Sherman Oaks Carpet Cleaning


Our technicians even receive specialized training for tile and grout cleaning. There are better ways of cleaning it. They upgrade their training regularly to increase efficiency and to provide better service. Carpet Cleaning Sherman Oaks is an industry leader in commercial and residential cleaning. We have created many cleaning methods for every detail in furniture and flooring.

Call us at Carpet Cleaning Sherman Oaks, and let’s talk about the entire cleaning. We want to know about specific areas you want help with. Many dream about getting help in this area. It saves you time and headaches along the way.

When our technicians arrive for your appointment, they start with a systematic inspection of carpets or tiles that need deep cleaning. They’ll do an assessment on the size of the carpets, the fiber and of the soiling.

When you call, we’ll give you an estimate after inspecting your couches in Sherman Oaks. You will decide if our technicians continue with the cleaning or not. When we start, stains are removed first. We use specialized stain removers for different fabrics.  This is harmless to your upholstery and your home. Environmentally friendly solutions are made from the best in the industry. We believe Carpet Cleaning Sherman Oaks should take a strong stand for the environment in our industry.

Carpet Cleaning Sherman Oaks starts cleaning the upholstery or carpets as soon as the stains dissolve. The cleaning begins by applying a unique cleaning solution to your furniture. We use cleaning equipment best suited to your specific furniture item as we go to work for you. Our trained technicians are very careful with your valuable possessions. When they work on your furniture, we take care to protect it. We are the best cleaning service in Sherman Oaks.

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The equipment our technicians use includes professional extraction tools that remove all the grime and moisture from your furniture or rugs with powerful suction. We make sure you can use your sofas and couches the same day. Carpets that are not steam cleaned regularly become breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

Our technicians finish cleaning by disinfecting your carpet and upholstery. We use a special solution that kills germs and bacteria.  Your furniture will smell wonderful, just like it did when it was brand new, in the showroom. Like our other customers, you now have the cleanest furniture and carpets in Sherman Oaks.

Our cleaning services cleans your valuable rugs to near perfect condition. We safeguard your sofas from damage or staining. Our technicians use a transparent coating as a shield against food stains and spills. The benefits of using it are large. After it’s applied your furniture or carpet will be stain resistant. Most important is simply, it will extend the lifetime of your upholstery.

Our commercial clients in Sherman Oaks love our attention to detail and how we take care of customer service. Carpet Cleaning Sherman Oaks offers services specifically for the needs of all our clients. We provide professional cleaning service for hotels, business and residential properties in the Sherman Oaks for many years.

Rug Cleaning Sherman Oaks


Rugs are an ideal accessory for any room. Rugs are an ideal décor item because you can choose from an endless line of designs and colors. Some are expensive. Some are handmade and imported from the East. Most exotic rugs are handmade from natural materials and have hand dyed colorful design patterns. They are always the perfect gift.

Carpet Cleaning Sherman Oaks leads the industry in rug cleaning care and understands how much care needs to be taken when expensive rugs get stained. Vacuuming with retail vacuum cleaners will not get your Afghan rug is clean. Vacuum cleaners remove the dust and dirt from the surface layer. Our professional services protect your rugs. Rugs consist of several layers that cannot be accessed by normal every day daily vacuuming.

You want your rugs free from allergens that adversely affect your family’s health. Normal cleaning of your exotic rugs will keep them looking good for a while, but not germfree or clean. Carpet Cleaning Sherman Oaks uses only experienced technicians because we know the importance of making your rugs clean and hygienic.

Use our services to protect your rugs from further damage. We apply a sealant after the cleaning that protects it. It keeps grime and germs from collecting in your rugs. Carpet Cleaning Sherman Oaks gives you complete cleaning results at affordable rates.

Our services also include air duct cleaning, couch cleaning and tile cleaning. We are here to take your call and help. Give Carpet Cleaning Sherman Oaks a call for great cleaning, drying and restoration services for all your furniture, carpets, and rugs. We guarantee the best pricing for area rug cleaning in Sherman Oaks.

Your rugs won’t lose their beauty and their colors won’t fade when you hire us as a professional cleaner for your home or business. Call Carpet Cleaning Sherman Oaks for carpet cleaning service. We’ll come to your home to inspect, clean, and seal your rugs.

We offer commercial cleaning services for shops and businesses. We know the needs of commercial clients. We have industrial cleaning equipment to handle any environment.

Carpet Cleaning Sherman Oaks offers a free pickup and delivery service for your rugs. We pick up rugs from your location. We will remove all the stains and deep clean them before we deliver them at your home or business.

We use safe cleaning products to clean and restore your rugs. We use only the most  advanced deep cleaning methods. Carpet Cleaning Sherman Oaks is a top environmental friendly carpet, rug, and sofa cleaning company in Sherman Oaks.

We Are A Step Ahead Of the Rest

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Once you try our service, we are sure you too will be a repeat customer. You are going to like our staff and our cleaning services. No matter what your cleaning problem is, Carpet Cleaning Sherman Oaks keeps we can handle all your problems with our innovative cleaning methods.

Our technicians clean your antique and heirloom furniture and rugs expertly. Your imported rugs and beautiful couches can be an example of how beautiful antiques are when cleaned by experts. If you are like many people, you might be hesitant to call a professional carpet cleaning service. Most people are hesitant because it could be too expensive. Our pricing is affordable.  Remember, you are not obligated to use our services. If you’re not happy with the quote and you will receive a price quote before any cleaning starts.

 We really do value your time. Our attention to detail and speed of service show this. We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with our work when it’s done. We inspect your furniture with you so you can be sure.

Carpet Cleaning Sherman Oaks knows your furnishings need special care when we clean them. We even restore water damaged rugs in Sherman Oaks. Call us when you have a water damage emergency. Our technicians will be there and dry your possessions professionally. We can help you save your valuables this way.

On your upholstery, we use different brushes depending on the fabrics and furniture style.. Leather upholstery needs special attention to make sure the couches get cleaned with an alternative to soap and water.

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Sherman Oaks Upholstery Cleaning


Carpet Cleaning Sherman Oaks is exceptional at tile and carpet cleaning. We are a specialty cleaning company that knows how to make your grout really clean. We’ll make your floors and bathrooms sparkle. We use professional cleaning equipment and methods specifically made for grout and tile cleaning. We’ll get the results you want. We know all your furniture holds great value for you. We  have invented cleaning techniques that are harmless to furniture because of this.

Our technicians will do a thorough vacuum of all your couches. We use different types of soft brushes to apply the cleaning solution on your upholstery. The cleaning solution lifts out the dirt, stains and other grime off the fabric. The solution makes it easy to remove. We use powerful extraction equipment and remove all debris and moisture from your furniture.

You can even use your furniture the same day. No need to wait. To make sure your furniture smells great, we finish using a commercial deodorizer. Carpet Cleaning Sherman Oaks will then place all your furniture in its original position. You are satisfied with our work before we leave your home. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

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